1961, lives and works in Altstätten, Switzerland pencil and watercolour work in the beginning. Later discovery of the various possibilities of oils and their transparency. Scraperboard and charcoal open up new ways of expression.

Artistic work has been part of my life since my childhood. Inspired and supported by my parents I have explored many areas of creative work.

Studies of the nude figure in watercolour workshops at Bratt School, New York
Oilpaining at the College of Art, Edinburgh
Processes of painting with Barbara Bamert at Art School, St.Gallen
Printing techniques with Helmut Sennhauser at Art School, St.Gallen
Pencil, charcoal and scraperboard workshops with Michael Zellweger, Altstätten

My inspiration comes from nature. My aim is to depict nature in its fragile beauty.

By applying layer by layer of strongly diluted oilpaint I try to awaken personal memories of a mood, an atmosphere. That is why I limit myself to the substance of the motive and I am happy when a beholder finds tranquility in my pictures, dwells in his own thoughts.

My works in pencil, charcoal and scraperboard get their impression of depth by gradually condensing texture and thus gaining life, layer by layer. Whilst working with scraperboard I scratch away its black surface coat to enable light to find its way into the picture.

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